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Warranty / Liability

Onbehalf India Pvt. Ltd. makes every effort to complete, accurate and continuous updating of the data, but is not required. Accuracy, completeness and timely reference data is not guaranteed by Onbehalf India. In each case the use of the offered services occurs at the risk of prospective customers. A liability by Onbehalf India is excluded.

Liability for reports

All information on the website www.onbehalf.in is based on public information. For all text, data, graphs, forecasts, opinions, programs or other information errors could be possible. A guarantee for the accuracy or Completeness of the information, we can`t accept. No information is provided to understand as a guarantee statement. The use of publication or their acquisition is strictly prohibited. In this respect, we assume no liability for abusive use.

Links to the website of www.onbehalf.in by third parties

The websites of "Onbehalf" or excerpts from these pages can be used without knowledge of the Onbehalf Administration. Hyperlinks are linked. In this context we are not liable for information in third-party websites. When quoting Onbehalf India or our website or parts of it are cited, any comment has to be explicitly noted.


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Risk Warning

All information is based on sources that we believe to be reliable. The information is provided after careful testing and in compliance with the duty of care, but without guarantee! For the proper formulation of Job/Task descriptions and ad text, the user is solely responsible.